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The long trip home and the Horrible Crime


      I would first like to start this by saying saying thank you.  I have been amazed at the overwhelming support from my family and friends.  I have decided to come home to the states for a short while.  This was after much thought and careful deliberation.  I think that I am going to be in the states for about a year.  I will be in Idaho with my family over Christmas and than I will head back to Portland to work for a year.  This will help me save money so that when I go back I can be involved in a lot more ministry than I was.  I actually want to move out to the slums and start some projects that I have been thinking about.

     Let me tell you about the longest day ever.  There was a Canadian on campus as well.  I am pretty sure that I have mentioned her before.  Her name is D.  D was flying home to Canada for the holidays and then going back to school in January.  We arranged for our flights to be the same to Heathrow.  We got to the airport and there was some problems.  Our flight was originally scheduled for Tuesday night at 11:30 p.m.  When we arrived we were informed that there were some slight delays and that we would not leave till 12:30 a.m. Wednesday.  I of course had everything that I owned in my 2 little suitcases.  I was informed that 1 of them was too heavy.  D and I proceeded to unpack and repack my suitcases 3 times.  In the repacking process D had the brilliant idea to put my rubik’s cubes in her bag “just for ease of packing”.  (The Deception begins)  We eventually make it through the airport and get ready to board.  We left right around 12:30 and had an 8 hour flight and arrived at 6:30 a.m.  in London.  My flight out of London was at 10:30 a.m.  D and  I hung out for a while had breakfast and than parted ways.  This whole time D is cleverly holding on to the rubiks cubes of destiny.  In the guise of being a good friend of course.  As we part ways I go through my security check points and she goes through hers.  Which happen to be in opposite directions.  After I am past the point of no return I realized the great theft that took place.  I had airport security page D.  When I got a hold of D she said that there was no way to bring the cubes to where I was.  (My flight was leaving first.)  She informed me that she would mail the cubes to my domicile.  Yet everyone knows this was just a clever way of saying she was going to ransom my cubes, and if I ever wanted to see my cubes again I would have to pay for them.  These kinds of senseless acts of cruelty are just unfathomable.  I resigned myself to the fact that I may never see my cubes again.  (lets have a moment of silence)  Now on to something  completely different.  I left London around 10:30 a.m.  I had an 11 hour flight and arrived in LA at around 1:15 p.m.  (this math is confusing for me too)  I got off the plane and started waiting for my luggage.  My flight to boise was at 3:30.  My luggage finally comes at 1:45.  I hop in the line for customs and am starting to get nervous.  As I get to customs there is no big deal.  I am about to walk through and this guy who was standing back behind the customs guy calls me over.  He was like would you mind talking to me for a second.  I thought about it saw the gun on his side and decided it was a really good idea.  This guy proceeded to question me for 15 minutes about what I had done in Egypt.  Why I was there.  Could I prove I was a student in Kenya.  Apparently I looked shady.  He eventually lets me go.  I get in another line and recheck my bags.  At this point it is almost 2:30.  I have to head to the opposite side of LAX to catch my flight.  I arrive at 2:50 they almost dont let me get my boarding pass because they said I was to late to check in.  After I plead and beg for a minute they let me through.  I get to security and I have been “randomly” selected for special screening.  This means that I get patted down and searched.  Checked for bombs.  All the fun stuff.  I arrive at my gate at 3:15 and we were boarded and taxing by 3:30.  I had a 1 1/2 hour flight to boise and arrived at 6:15 p.m.  The rest of the night proceeded pretty normal.  You know greet the family.  Have Wendy’s and think that its Ecstasy.  You know the usual stuff. 

     I again would like to thank everyone who made this last year and half possible.  It has been a real life changing experience.  To those who have been supporting me financially.  May God richly bless you.  If you are still interested in supporting me I think that the church will be willing to keep taking in funds and just storing them.  This is not a must.  This is just an option.  If would like to stop sending money and start again as soon as I head back that is also perfectly fine.  I had asked the church for a list of people who had supported me while I was over seas, and unfortunately I was not able to acquire  one.  So I will not be able to thank everyone individually because to be honest I dont know who all is supporting me.  I know that God is an amazing God and I was always taken care of.  So if you have been supporting me I thank you again and I would love to contact you personally.  Please email me with at least your name so I can make sure that I thank everyone who has made this possible.  kevinness@yahoo.com  If you email I am pretty good about responding, but give me a little bit of grace.  Thanks again.  I think I will probably still post here about what I am doing in Portland and such.  That way this page stays active for when I head back.  Be blessed and Merry Christmas.


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