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Cairo and a request for Prayer

Greetings Friends,

I thought that I would send an update from Egypt and let you all know what is going on. As most of you know I am directing the trip that I have been on twice. I am here with about 20 or so college age people as we work in Sudanese Schools. We spent a week in Mexico city training for the cross cultural realities that will take place this summer. So here are some of my thoughts from the other day.

As I sit here on the metro covered in sweat and completely exhausted from a long hard day of trekking through Cairo, I cant help but really appreciate the beauty of the situation. I have a million details running through my mind. Most of them are where are people going to stay, will everyone be placed in a school, how will certain people react to this summer, was there more that I could have done in the setup trip, and on and on and on. As I continue to think about these things I am reminded that here I am once again in a foreign country getting ready to see what God has for me.

I want to invite everyone into the process that I have been going through lately. 6 months ago I thought that I felt called to move to Egypt for an extended period of time. As soon as I arrived I have started questioning that decision. I am not sure of what I am supposed to do. It feels like I am presented with 2 options. I can either still move to Egypt like I planned and hope that I had heard God correctly or I could move back to the states and see if God leads me somewhere else. My heart is in Kenya and I think about it everyday. I have often wondered why God would call me to Egypt and not back to Kenya. That being said I am certain that the timing is not quite right to go back to Kenya. I feel like God is not saying dont go back but just wait a little while longer. That being said I feel completely confused about what I should do in the future. I also feel like I need to make this decision within the next couple of weeks. If I wait to make the decision to when I get back to the states my mind will be clouded with culture shock. I dont generally reenter America very well so I assume that I would not respond well. That being said if I did move back to the states what would I do? I am torn… So I guess Im asking that people pray for me and if they think they hear something from God for me in the next week to let me know. I want to make sure that I am being faithful. Be blessed….


One Response to “Cairo and a request for Prayer”

  1. Kevin, I had no idea you were struggling with your calling to Egypt. Perhaps if you are not sure, you should not change your course until you have confirmation. Are you still running into the obstacle of your plane tickets? Are there other roadblocks in the way? These can be signs of a need to change directions, but they can also be stumbling blocks. Only you can decipher what God is telling you.
    That said…I have not had a good feeling about you going to Egypt this next year since you first told me about it. I will not say or do anything to dissuade you from a calling, but I only ask that you make sure you are answering a call. I have no reservations about missionary work or you being in Egypt or Kenya, but this trip in September has not been peaceful to my heart. I have never had reservations in the past, so this is unsettling to me. And now to hear you have reservations as well…I wonder if something needs to happen before it can be the best choice for you. Maybe the timing is just not quite right. You will make the right decision because you are listening for God’s guidance. You must take time to be quiet before the Lord first however. If you are consumed by your responsibilities during this summer trip, you might not be spending as much time listening as you need to. This is a life changing cross-road for you, and I only want what the Lord wants for you. Listen closely son. He is there, and He will guide you as you allow Him to.
    I am always in your corner, and will support any decision that you make.
    Love always,

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