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Jesus = Chess… Can I say that???

“Because I’m playing for keeps, this time around I’m in too deep to think about falling down and giving up again. I want to live each day just like it was my last chance to prove that your all I have…” (Jonah 33) This is a line from one of my favorite songs. I think this would really describe how I have been feeling recently. So I know that in my last post I said that I was confused about if Egypt is going to be a long-term home for me or not. As of right now I am still on the fence. I have been praying about with some of my friends and we will see what happens. That being said I am at complete peace with whatever happens. I am really trying to rely on the scripture that says “Dont worry about tomorrow for tomorrow will worry about itself”. I know that is probably not the best way to plan for the future but for me it feels the most comfortable.

I would like to talk about what I have been doing for the past couple of days. My day consists of waking up getting ready and leaving early in the morning and heading out to different sections of Cairo. Jeremy and I head to the different schools and talk to the headmasters and the students just to make sure that everything is going well. It has been really amazing to listen to the students process through things. I would have to say that I am completely stoked about the team that is here in Cairo this year. They are a bunch of rock stars. Everyone is super engaged which is awesome. After our gallivanting around the city we come back to the office where we are staying. There are about 10 students who live or teach in the same part of the city. So on most days some or all of the people end up at the office to hang out, chill, or sleep before they have to go back to teach night classes. At this point it is finally becoming evening. This is my favorite part of the day. At about 9-10 p.m. is when Cairo really starts picking up. There is a hookah bar about a block way from our house. (Hookah is amazing btw. I had it for the first time the other day. It is really pleasant like a nice cigar. That being said I probably wont have it again for a long time. The smell stays on your clothes and the more my clothes stink the more times I have to do laundry.) Sorry for the rabbit trail… I live in a part of the city where there is a huge Sudanese population. So every night a huge crowd of Sudanese people come out to play chess and dominoes. So I generally hang out till between 12-1 playing chess with my Sudanese friends. It is glorious. Shameless plug… Chess is beautiful. It is not just pushing pieces around it is like art. I feel like I can express myself in a very pure and complete manner when there is a board in front of me. When I play chess my brain processes through everything else that I am going through. So I sit down build community, rain down carnage, and truly think clearly. I walk away from the board at the end of the night and feel fully refreshed. It is funny to think of chess as a gift from God. Most people just look at it as an entertaining game. I find that it is a great way to center my mind and focus on Jesus. It has been truly a blessing to sit and play with my new friends…

The past week I have really been growing closer to God. I still don’t know if I am supposed to be here long-term or not. I know that God will let me know when it is important for me to know. Till that time I’m just going to hang out seek the Jesus and play some chess. So I guess what I am trying to say is, if you don’t play chess maybe you should pick it up you never know what Jesus might have for you…


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